VoteCircle Weekly Political Round Up (April 15)

1. Cartoons
Kicking off our weekly roundup is yes, more cartoons. We like it and we know you do too. We like it when you like it.


2. Paul Ryan is NOT Running
Paul Ryan wants you to know that he is absolutely not running for President. He’s not, so don’t you even ask him. He’s serious. He means it. Just stop.

Paul Ryan


3. Colorado GOP
Trump supporters declare war on Colorado GOP. Thank goodness they are in the right state to pass around the peace pipe.


4. Equal Pay Day

5. Rage Against the (Political) Machine
We were very inspired by the title of this article, which suggests a new campaign theme song for Donald Trump. Awesome, yes?


6. Lack of Evidence
Citing lack of sufficient evidence, Florida authorities drop charges against Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Miss Fields states that she received a call from the prosecutor’s office two weeks ago and agreed to a deal in which Lewandowski would apologize to her. She never heard back.


7. Seriously, Bill?
Yikes, the Clinton campaign had a few crunchy moments this last week, first with Bill Clinton’s heated argument with proponents of Black Lives Matter and then Bill De Blasio’s attempt at a joke that went over about as well as flatulence in a wind tunnel.

Bill Clinton



8. Vatican Relations
Bernie Sanders is in Rome speaking at a Vatican conference on economy and social sciences. He’s receiving some criticism for leaving the campaign trail so close to the New York primary but for “socialist” Sanders, being invited to speak at the Vatican would probably be the equivalent of inviting a four year old to Disneyland.

Sanders Vatican



9. Acidic Debate
The Democratic debates are definitely getting a little more acidic. Here are some takeaways.


10. Kasich
Kasich picks up endorsement from former New York Governor George Pataki.


And eats pizza with fork.

Pizza Fork



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