Bright Lights, Big City Big Primary

Tuesday three prodigal candidates will be returning to New York where they have deep roots in The Big Apple and are anticipated to walk away with the most votes.

There is already mounting tension about New Yorks highly restricted voting laws. Judges, the NYPD, and poll workers are already anticipating trouble from the 3 million Independent’s that will not have a say in their state for the Presidential candidate of their choice. Sorry folks, unless you are one of the 5.3 million Democrats that can vote for Clinton or Sanders or one of the 2.6 million Republicans that can vote Trump, Kasich or Cruz… no vote for you. Protests are planned for noon Thursday at City Hall to rail against New York’s closed primary and last year’s October deadline to change party affiliations.

In New York City, election workers have been instructed not to argue insistent independents whose names are not in the poll books. They are coming prepared with affidavit ballots to hand out but these would only be counted after the election if the votes were proven to be cast by registered Republicans or Democrats. If a voter refuses an affidavit ballot, they can seek out a judge for a court order allowing them to vote.

“If there are crowds at poll sites – that’s what we expect, if there are any unruly crowds then we will coordinate with the New York City Police Department,” said Michael Ryan, executive director of the city’s Board of Elections.
“I can tell you I’ve been in and around elections in New York City for over 30 years and this is the first time I’m hearing of people complaining about the voter registration deadlines”

Ivanka and Eric Trump found out much to their disappointment and that of their father Donald, that they missed the deadline to register as Republicans on October 9th 2015. Some wonder why this deadline was before the first Democratic debate aired On October 13th and the Republican debate aired on October 28th. Are people expected to vote strictly by party affiliation without regard for candidates? Disappointed New York voters are feeling peer party pressured.

If you are a New York voter please know that April 18th is the last day to apply-in-person for an absentee ballot and the last day to postmark an absentee ballot. The local board of elections must receive it no later than April 26th. April 19th is the last day to deliver absentee ballot in-person to local board of elections.

There were already several accounts of people finding that their “parties” have changed without their knowledge. You can check here to see if you are one of those people. http://voterlookup.elections.state.ny.us Democratic Board Of Elections Commissioner Douglas said that any New York voter whose party affiliation was purged or inactive could re-register by the end of business day on Friday March 25th. Unfortunately people trying to do so on the DMV website cited “technical difficulties.”

This is going to be a hugely competitive primary with even lager stakes. Bronx born Sanders is still running stronger than ever anticipated against former two term New York Senator Clinton and is finding even ground upstate. However more than two thirds of NY Democrat’s votes will come from the New York metropolitan area and Clinton is highly favored by double digits there according to recent polls. However in February she was at a 24-point advantage and the most recent Siena College poll shows that has shrunk to 10 points. On Wednesday Sanders packed NYC’s Washington State Park with an estimated 27,000 people. There are 291 delegates up for grabs in New York, so the stakes are incredibly high in this primary for both candidates.

In the Republican ring, Donald J. Trump has a pretty staggering lead as a Queen’s native and lifetime New Yorker. It’s surmised that he may end up with all of the delegates. At this point the nomination is nearly impossible for Kasich barring some kind of miracle but he is a bigger rival in New York for Trump than Cruz. According to another Siena Poll, Trump has about 50% Kasich trailing him at 27% and Cruz last at 17%. There are 95 delegates at stake and most likely the best Cruz and Kasich can do is snag a few delegates for themselves and lower Trumps margins taking them a little closer to the Convention.

New York is the second biggest prize in all of the Primaries, only second to California in terms of delegates. Badda Bing Bada Boom.


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