VoceCircle Weekly Round Up May 14

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1.  This week’s round up starts off in the world of bizarre accusations.   According to the Washington Post, years ago Mr. Trump posed as his own PR representative to boast about the women courting him.

2.  At the cross roads of justice and politics the Affordable Care Act took a blow in Federal Court.   A judge ruled in favor of a Republican challenge to the cost sharing provision on the law.

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3.  Ted Cruz’s campaign continues to fan rumors that he’s not quite done yet. His campaign released a statement saying they have a very busy week coming up. Seems almost as if Cruz has accepted he’s lost the popular vote and is now focused on convincing a smaller more powerful crowd, the delegates, that he should be president.

Or maybe Ted Cruz is just preparing for his 2018 Senate run? Who knows. We’ll just have to see what happens next week.

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4.  This week there was a lot of news about transgendered people and bathroom use. The news started out with an announcement by The Attorney General of the lawsuit filed by her office against North Carolina. The lawsuit aims to repeal The State’s new law restricting bathroom use to one’s assigned sex at birth.   That was followed up by the Obama Administration issuing a directive to public schools whereby students must be allowed to use the bathroom that is consistent with their gender identity.  And, it ended with the expression of a whole lot of outrage over the new directive.

5.  Though much of the Presidential election news coverage has “pivoted’ to cover the presumptive nominees, Hillary and Trump, Bernie is still picking up victories as the primaries move forward.   Bernie won West Virginia keeping his campaign hopes alive.

6.  Speaking of news coverage, the Washington post made public that it will have 20 reporters assigned to Donald Trump’s presidential bid.   Mr. Trump received the news as a threat to his campaign and took the opportunity to lash out at The Post’s owner Jeff Bezos. According to Trump Bezos uses The Post as a political tool to advance Amazon’s low tax status.

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7.  And ending where we started, Cliven Bundy, the “Peaceful Cowboy,” has filed a $50 million lawsuit claiming the Obama Administration aims to sell his property to the “communist Chinese for profit and/or kickbacks.”


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