Round Up 4

Weekly Political Round Up August 19, 2016

Stay on top of the latest political-happenings with our end-of-the week review:

Trump at Desk

  1. Donald Trump shakes up his campaign. Campaign Chief Paul Manafort resigned this week. Additionally, Mr. Trump added Breitbart News Network Chairman, Steve Bannon to his campaign as Campaign CEO. Finally, he promoted Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager filling the void lift by Corey Lewandowski.

Alice in Chains

  1. A new candidate enters the race.
  1. Hillary’s email woes are not over quite yet. A Federal Judge ordered Mrs. Clinton to provide written answers to questions submitted by the conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch.
  1. Down ticket Republicans are beginning to express concerns that Trump’s campaign will cause the Republicans to lose control in congress.
  1. Trump launches his first general audience campaign ad of his Presidential run.

Condom Banana

  1. Proposition 60. Will porn actors in California be required to use condoms?



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